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Pat Martino (1944 — 2021)

Pat Martino was an iconic figure in modern jazz and has influenced countless guitarists in all genres of music. From his early days of professional performance beginning in 1961, Pat shared the stage with every major jazz figure of our time and had recorded on every major record label including: Blue Note, Vanguard, Warner Brothers and Columbia. His life was a study in discipline and passion, and has been the subject of books, articles, documentaries, and films. His love of music was equalled by his devotion to furthering the understanding of guitar. He was a longtime faculty member at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and traveled the world as a clinician and private teacher.

Pat played a “Pat Martino signature” Benedetto model. Pat’s wife ‘Aya frequently accompanied Pat, originally with her Bambino Deluxe model, but currently with a “Pat Martino signature” Benedetto, too.

“Martino’s cool tone spins off vicious lines of head-spinning dexterity.” – JAZZIZ

photo courtesy of player

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