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Barry Greene

Barry Greene is an artist and educator that defies, no decimates, the adage that those who can’t, teach. Monster chops, soulful feel, full and rich classic jazz tone, and virtuosic harmonic techniques establish him as a top-tier guitarist. But he still fits easily into academia as a Professor of Jazz Guitar at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville where he has taught since 1995. His recent recordings and concerts with artists like Tim Hagens, Danny Gottlieb, Gene Bertoncini, and Adam Nussbaum, or his gigs as leader at jazz festivals around the world, solidify his credentials as a leading player.

Barry represents an important generational voice in jazz guitar and is selflessly producing the next great generation of players.

Barry plays Bravo and Pat Martino Signature models.

photo courtesy of player


“I’ve been enjoying the guitar as an instrument and its amazing artists all of my life. To me Barry Greene is just about one of the best; not only as a player, but also as a writer and a teacher.  I agree with others who regard him as a world class musician.” – Pat Martino

Barry Greene
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