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Centennial Americana 2 of 3

Serial #S2856 LL

The second Centennial Americana is finally here! Classic, and timeless, but with all that Benedetto class and clean, minimalist appointments, this guitar is just begging to swing.

In the spring of 1923, the world saw for the first time one of Lloyd Loar’s finest creations: the first modern archtop guitar to incorporate violinistic appointments including an end block mounted tailpiece and f-style sound holes.

Today we honor the 100 year anniversary of the Modern Archtop Guitar with 3 custom Americana models appointed in homage. They were built using exceptional woods, non-cutaway 17″ x 3″ body, violin style tailpiece, elongated, bound finger rest, stylized fretboard end, and a gorgeous, wash-in Antiqueburst finish. Collectors and players will agree these are the dream guitars for any swing guitarist, perfectly suited to bridge the gap between a bygone era and contemporary playability and sonic capabilities.

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