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Wayne Goins

Dr. Wayne Everett Goins, University Distinguished Professor of Music (2015), is the Director of Jazz Studies in the School of Music, Theater, & Dance at Kansas State University, where he conducts big bands and teaches combos, private guitar lessons, jazz theory and jazz improvisation courses. He joined K-State in 1998 after he received his PhD in Music Education from The Florida State University. Goins owns a record label, Little Apple Records, on which he has published six albums under his own name (West Coast Swing; Standard Fare; Bluesin’ With the B3; Smokin’ at the Oak Bar; Home Cookin’; and Chronicles of Carmela.)

He previously recorded more than twenty albums for Ichiban Records as a contributing guitarist. He has published numerous CD reviews and columns for magazines such as Power of Music & Audio, Pure Guitar, Jazz Ambassador, Jazz Improv, Living Blues, Jazz Guitar Life and Jazz Guitar Today. He serves as Senior Associate Editor and Musician-In-Residence and is a regular featured columnist for Positive Feedback magazine, one of the premier audiophile journals in the world today.

Goins has written five books on jazz, three of which were published by The Edwin Mellen Press: Emotional Response To Music: Pat Metheny’s Secret Story, The Jazz Band Director’s Handbook: A Guide To Success, and Charlie Christian, Jazz Guitar’s King of Swing. One of his books, The Wise Improviser: A Jazz Method for Instrumentalists, was written specifically for his students who actively participate in the jazz program at K-State. Goins also wrote the 2014 biography Blues All Day Long: The Jimmy Rogers Story, which was awarded the “Blues Biography of the Year” by Living Blues Magazine in July 2015, and has been chosen to write a new book entitled Maestro, the definitive biography on legendary blues musician Taj Mahal for the University of Illinois Press. Wayne plays a custom Bravo Deluxe he has affectionally named Blue Jean.

Wayne Goins
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