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Nestor Arzola

Nestor Arzola started playing music in the early sixties when he was influenced by Wes Montgomery and The Beatles. Entirely self-taught he played guitar and bass with local bands playing Rhythm n Blues and Chicano Music. Playing and touring with famous groups, in the likes of James Brown, and meeting Big Jim with Tom Jones, he realized the importance of understanding the construction of music and worked on obtaining a BA in Music.

In 1978 he started teaching for the E.P.I.S.D and E.P.C.C. Now with a MA and halfway through a Doctorate in Music Composition and Reading for the Handicapped, he is now retired from the school district but is still actively teaching Classical, Jazz and Fingerstyle Guitar in the College Scene. Nestor teaches (Guitar, Bass, Upright, Guitarron, Ukele, Vihuela, Mandolin, Voice and Piano) various styles for a College Degree, or for fun, and is still actively playing in groups. His favorite thing to do is spend time with family and play Rhythm n Blues, Jazz or Solo Voice/Guitar gigs.

photo courtesy of player


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