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Máté Palásti

Máté Palásti is a very talented, young, Hungarian guitarist who has been playing music since the age of six. His first instrument was the violin. at the age of nine the guitar became his primary instrument. As the former student of the guitar master Ferenc Snétberger, he had the occasion to play music with Richard Bona, Paolo Vinaccia and other great musicians.

Roma roots are very important in his life, and influence his music. He plays jazz, Latin, Brazilian, flamenco, fusion and his improvisation skills make his music unique. He is always open for musical collaborations.

In 2016, Palásti embarked on a three week tour in India where he performed at the Hampi Art Festival to an audience of 12,000. He performed concerts and guitar workshops in Bangalore, Delhi, and Bhubaneswar.

In December 2018, he returned as one of the jury at the Calcutta International Classical Guitar Competition, a concert and guitar workshop and loater performed at the Giants of Jazz Festival in Delhi.

Despite his young age, Máté Palásti has already performed in several European countries as well: Vienna, Eisenstadt (AUT), Podgorica, Budva (MON), Bratislava (SK), Krakow (PLN), Berlin (GER), London (UK).

The continuous concert invitations inspire him a lot to show his colorful musical dimension on his beloved Benedetto guitar.

“Lindo sonido de guitarra que tiene Máté. Me imagino que habrá estudiado an algun de esas excelentes escuelas y conservatorios musicales de Hungría. Y me imagino que con esa técnica tan limpia y depurada que tiene, seguramente puede leer música escrita sin dificultad.”

“Máté has a beautiful guitar sound. I can imagine he has studied in one of the most excellent schools in Hungary. With such a clean and refined technique, he can surely read music without difficulty.”

Paquito D’Rivera – September 2016

Máté plays a Bambino Deluxe model.

photo courtesy of player

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