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Knut Richter


Knut Richter was born and raised in a German family where music was actively cultivated. Besides playing instruments, the family’s home was regularly filled with music from the likes of Paul Kuhn, Milt Buckner, Bert Kämpfert, Hugo Strasser, Joe Pass and Django Reinhardt.

After many piano lessons which were not very successful, Knut discovered that the guitar and later the banjo were a better match, and he devoted him mastering each in a self-educated way. Knut’s style was mainly influenced during this time by other well-known musicians with whom he played., such as Bill Ramsey, Joy Flemming, Martin Weiss, Hänsche Weiss, Buddy Wachter and many more.

Now he has his own projects and leads several bands such as Take Jazz, Street Paraders, Knut Richter Swingtett, Knut Richter Trio and the Hanover Jazzband. Knut Richter´s Swingtett ranks among the most successful swing formations in Europe, and he regularly performs amongst Europes’s most influential circles. His concerts are mainly performed in Germany, but he also performs in Austria, Switzerland and Singapore.

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