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Jan Kuiper

Jan KuiperHe was the winner of the most prestigious Dutch Jazz Award: “The podium prize”.

Jan Kuiper is a virtuoso on both the electric and acoustic guitars with a deep knowledge of North and South Indian music. Jan has appeared on over 25 albums and is actively composing music for dance companies, and classical ensembles. As a veteran guitar player with over 35 years of experience He is the founder and leader of the Five Great Guitars and actively performs in The Jungle Warriors (a 20 piece band with break dancers, street dance and Bollywood dance). In addition to this, he is one of a few people who play a specially built 18 string India guitar. He toured with a.o. Larry Carlton, Jan Akkerman, Kaki King, David Murray & Anthony Jackson.

He is also an accomplished yogi.

Jan plays mostly on his Benedetto Bambino Deluxe Crimson Blaze & a Bambino Custom Crimson Blaze.

Bardo: https://youtu.be/3PTSUiU9XiY

Interview: https://youtu.be/4RTB_3oy0GM

Simany: https://youtu.be/KqRDHnKCXnE

Jan Kuiper with one of his four Benedettos, a Crimson Blaze Bambino Deluxe. Photo by SJU Jazzpodium via Flickr – ‘Jan Kuiper Met Three of a Kind and Bireli LaGrene’

photo courtesy of player

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