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Isaac Chatfield

Isaac Chatfield is an accomplished guitarist, whose interest in music started as a five year old. His playing career began at the age of fifteen around the time of winning an award at the Berklee College of Music summer guitar program.  At the age of sixteen he began studying jazz with guitar great Bruce Arnold before moving to New York City and studying with other greats such as Jack Wilkins, Howard Alden, Randy Johnston, Andreas Oberg and Jonathan Kreisberg.

Now holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in music from New York University’s College of Arts and Science, Isaac continues to develop his style through performance, recording and composition.  Chatfield has recently recorded two solo albums, Isaac Chatfield and Gypsy Brother, and intends to continue refining and honing his creativity.

He performs with a Bambino Elite (shown) and a Benedetto custom chambered solid-body double-neck.

photo courtesy of player

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