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Daniel Sumner

Dan Sumner keeps a very active schedule as a guitarist, playing and teaching Jazz and Classical music. His playing can be heard on more than a dozen recordings including the three critically acclaimed releases from the New Orleans based group, Permagrin. He took first prize in the professional division at the University of Texas at Brownsville International Guitar Ensemble festival in 2009 with the McPike/Sumner Duo. New Orleans was his home for 13 years during which he performed regularly in the clubs and led the Jazz band at the Lusher Charter School, an arts-based magnet school. He has toured worldwide with several acts including Permagrin, LRQ (Louis Romanos Quartet), Glyn Styler, and Jesus Christ Superstar. His studies took him to Capital University, the New England Conservatory of music, and Indiana University, where he is in the final stages of finishing a Doctorate of Music Education. He is currently assistant professor of music education and guitar at University of Louisiana at Monroe.

Daniel Sumner Assistant Professor of Music Education and Guitar Division of Music School of Visual and Performing Arts University of Louisiana Monroe

Daniel plays a custom 16-B model and Benny.

photo courtesy of player

Daniel Sumner
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