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Cristobal Gomez

Cristóbal Gómez is a guitarist, arranger, composer and educator. He is a Performer in Jazz and Popular Music of the Professional Institute PROJAZZ, Bachelor in Education and Musical Arts of the Universidad Mayor; and Master in Music Jazz Performance of the New York University.

He is currently a professor in the area of ​​Performance and Composition at PROJAZZ (Berklee Global Partner) and arranging guitarist of the groups Cristóbal Gómez Trío and Gypsy Trío. He has participated in tours and recordings with renowned musicians such as Mike Richmond, Rodrigo Recabarren, Ignacio Hernández, Paz Court, Karen Rodenas and has two solo albums: “Uno En Tres” and “Quinteto”.

He is co-founder of the Jazz Club of Talca and winner on several occasions of projects funded by Centro Cultural GAM, CONICYT Scholarships Chile, FONMUS and FNDR.

Cristóbal is now based in Santiago de Chile and teaches privately through

“A poetic and lyrical guitarist, Cristobal also possesses storytelling qualities in his compositional sense.  There is a flow to his ideas that keeps the listener and the musicians he surrounds himself with engaged and inspired.  He is a special musician, one I truly hope will be able to share his music with many, many people.” Alan Ferber

“Cristobal, is a fine guitarist, he has a wonderful rhythmic spirit and the great harmonic sense.” Ralph Lalama.

“Considered as one of the most skilled musicians of the 2000 generation.” El Centro Newspaper

Cristobal plays a Benedetto Bambino.

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