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Chris Standring

Chris Standring is a contemporary jazz guitarist known for his smooth, flawless technique and dynamic melodies. His albums have risen to the very top of the Billboard charts in the Smooth Jazz category and he had a number one hit on Radio and Records smooth jazz airplay charts for several months running. His critically acclaimed classical/jazz set Blue Bolero redefined his and the genre’s creative boundaries

Standring continues to find fresh, dynamic ways to break new ground in contemporary jazz long after his debut album Velvet. The versatile composer, guitarist, and producer lets the groove do all the conversing, bridging old school R&B/soul-jazz with a trippy, soundscape-rich, ultra-contemporary electronica vibe. He has recently taken yet another dramatic and spirited left turn, going deep with his love for Euro-styled drum and bass driven chill, progressive dance music, ambient trance, electronic dance music (EDM) and even dubstep.

Based in Southern California, when he is not on tour or in a recording studio, Chris works to pioneer jazz guitar education and social networking through his website www.playjazzguitar.com and, more recently, the amazing interactive website www.jazzmatrix.com.

Chris plays custom Bambino models.

photo courtesy of player

Chris Standring
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