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Bill Purse

Bill Purse is a distinguished professor and musician who has successfully conquered music from both the artist and technological perspective, and pioneers the meeting of the two in university classrooms, recording studios and textbooks. As Chair of the Music Technology and Guitar Department at Duquesne University, he has demonstrated unique abilities as an administrator (securing accreditation for never before sanctioned degree music technology programs) and performance. He influences not only students but the entire industry through his association with NAMM [InterNational Association of Music Merchants] and through important text books published by Coda Music, Warner Bros., and Mel Bay. When it comes to delivering the next generation of musicians the tools of the 21st century without compromising musicianship and tradition, Bill Purse is at the forefront of the music world.

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Bill performs jazz with his 7-string Bambino Deluxe Model

photo courtesy of player


Bill Purse
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