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Alicyn Yaffee

Alicyn Yaffee is a New York City-based guitarist and vocalist, by way of Kelseyville, California. An artist of wide range and depth, she earned her BM in Jazz Studies, with a Double Major of Guitar and Vocals, at Cal State University in Sacramento and her Masters degree in Jazz performance under the instruction of Dave Stryker and Conrad Herwig. In the few years since the move to New York, she has toured the U.S. and Europe under her own name, as well as with Becca Stevens, Grammy-nominee JC Hopkins’ Biggish Band, award winning singer Allan Harris, and bassist Benny Rietveld (Santana). Yaffee released her first solo album, “Someone Else”, featuring Cindy Blackman Santana, Ronnie Foster, Jeff Cressman, and has played numerous venues with her own groups in a diverse range of jazz and rock artists, including guitarist Mark Whitfield, China Moses, Kat Rodriguez (Beyonce), Bria Skonberg, Benny Bennack III, Billy Porter, Shirazette Tinnin’s Sonic Wallpaper, Arcoiris Sandoval, Tiana Major9, Haitian singer Darlene Desca, Dawn Drake’s Zapote, and Indian progressive rock composer Anupam Shobhakar. Alicyn was featured in Classical Theater or Harlem’s remake of “The Bacchae” where she was performing with the actors onstage in Marcus Garvey Park. Alicyn has performed at many venues including Dizzys Club Coca-Cola, Birdland, Minton’s Playhouse, Smalls, Mezzrow, Bar LunÀtico, Carnegie Hall, and Little island main stage..

She has opened for artists David Lindley and Masta Ace, worked as a tour assistant to David Crosby, and a music transcriptionist for Blue Note recording artists.

Alicyn Yaffee
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