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Adrian Ingram

A long time Benedetto player, Adrian Ingram is an important educator, author, player and guitar historian. As an educator, he served as guitar specialist for Birmingham Education Authority (1975-1981) and Lecturer in jazz and popular music at Huddersfield Technical College (1981-82). Following this he taught for thirteen years as senior lecturer in jazz guitar at the prestigious Leeds College of Music (1982-1995). Adrian has an MA in music performance and a Master of Philosophy in music education. He was elected both Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and Fellow of the College of Preceptors (FColl.P) in 1987 for outstanding contribution to music education. Adrian also holds advanced diplomas in classical guitar performance and instruction and has attained Dept. of Education and Science’s “qualified teacher” status.

A prolific writer, Adrian has authored many books including Gibson: The L-5 (Centerstream) and is a long-time contributor to Just Jazz Guitar magazine. He remains active in England as a player and writer.

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Adrian with his custom Benny

photo courtesy of player

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