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We’re not sure if Bob Benedetto has big feet, but it definitely takes an incredibly special and uniquely gifted person to fill his shoes… How fortunate then, that our first hire at the Savannah shop in 2006 was Damon Mailand. Since Bob’s retirement in 2014, Damon has taken over as Master Luthier and Production Manager and today he celebrates his 40th birthday!

You can find Damon crafting flagship models in his workshop, telecasters in his garage, gigging with his impolitely named outlaw country band, working on his vintage truck or motorcycle, relaxing with a fishing pole, gearing up to be a first time dad, checking off honey-do tasks for his amazing wife, or simply telling wholesome jokes while sipping a soda…. when you do find him, go ahead and wish him the best birthday yet, as does the whole Benedetto family of players, pickers, and luthiers!

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