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We are thrilled to welcome an opportunity to a few fortunate customers to commission a new, very limited-edition collaborative effort as Robert Benedetto comes out of retirement to hand carve/graduate and assemble guitars in collaboration with Damon Mailand, Benedetto’s Master Luthier.

The project began with our Centennial Tribute to Lloyd Loar’s introduction of the modern Archtop Guitar in 1923.  Bob Benedetto, who retired from guitar building to Central Florida in 2014, was inspired to return to active building on a small and very limited scale from his home workshop.  Damon Mailand selected and pre-carved the tops, backs, sides, and neck blanks from our most select woods. Once in Bob’s hands the hand-graduation, binding, neck shaping and neck set magic is completed in Bob’s workshop and returned to Damon for final preparation, finishing, and component installation in final assembly. 

Founder’s Series models will give the most discerning players and collectors one final, rare chance to purchase a new, bespoke guitar from the hands of one of the 20th & 21st centuries greatest artisans, with the quality control, customer service and brand integrity of the world’s premier jazz guitar manufacturer.  Commission pricing will begin at $50,000 with lead times estimated at 7-12 months from time of deposit.  50% deposits required.  A custom flight case is included in pricing.  Contact Howard Paul or Jackson Evans (info@benedettoguitars.com, 912-247-4765) to discuss purchasing one of our current works-in-progress, or to custom order your own bespoke archtop.

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